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Nigeria is a great rich country. That is the story my father told me till I was of age, it’s the same I have heard from the few credible role models I have met this year. It is the story most of us know; it is the story in theory. Only in Potentials and Speeches. Nothing else. I was honoured to hear the same from General Buhari last week, that ours is “a country filled with unbelievable potentials, our problem is just that we are indisciplined and corrupt. If I (General Buhari) make it till the next 10 years, I may be senile. It is left to you to save and deliver this nation”. Yes other countries have leap-frogged us because we operate a corrupt, lethargic, clueless and severely weak government. We must save it from the dungeon of inexplicable cataclysm.

Nigeria is a great country. Most of us don’t know it, we have never experienced it. Yes we see the wealth flaunted on our streets, mostly by the looters and some elites; but we are not part of it. Nigeria has 2.5% of the proven reserve of the world oil yet it also has 8.03% of the world poor people. She has been assaulted, looted, gang-raped and continuously been molested by a set of unrepentant soul-less entity. They are called Our Leaders. Most are guilty, trust me almost none are exempt.

Our local government bodies are filled mostly with miscreants who misuse and abuse our public trust. They spend at the behest of their rapacious desire and an insatiable thirst to amass wealth. With at least #100 million earned accruing to the local government coffers a month; there is much that can be done. What has been done?

The State and Federal government with much of the remaining resources do the same. Though the opportunities of Nigeria as a great nation stare us in the face; we have little to show for it. Our government is radically committed to the enrichment of their families and cronies, not the welfare of the people. Their actions justify my claim. While I appreciate our angst consistently on social media; today my clarion call is loud and direct. IT IS TIME TO #OCCUPY.

Today, I present to you certain reasons why your silence is no longer acceptable; and why your non-violent actions will result in the actual transformation of this Nation. We must not fail to deliver our nation from these elements. If we won’t succeed at the polls owing to the obvious manipulation at collation centres; we must on the street; defiant in our protest against these insensitivity.

Nigeria is not safe if left in the hands of these cabals; they are inept, adamantly corrupt, maladroit, and consistently decisive on plundering Nigeria till it finally collapses.

  1. The seat of Looting

    OVERPAID LAWMAKERS: Why would they subscribe to keeping these outrageous fees to themselves in official/legal allocations as well as in multiple logistics operation? The fees ascribed to Members of the House of Reps in Nigeria as well as Senators are slightly less than 1 million a day.  The Senate President is reported to be earning N250 million quarterly or N83.33 million per month, while his deputy earns N50 million per month.  The Senate has allocated N1.02 billion as quarterly allowance to its 10 principal officers, known collectively as Senate leadership.“Each of the other principal officers earns N78 million every three months or N26 million per month.   This tragic state of affairs is clearly unsustainable.   Those engaged in this feeding frenzy are endangering our democracy. It is outrageous,  especially in an economy where the poverty incidence is 76 percent, where 76 out of every 100 people live below N150 per day, there is no justification to what the law makers, political officeholders, governors, council chairmen and councilors are earning. We need a system change.By calculations alone, if we protest and ask them to reduce this by 50%; we will be saving close to #320billion in four years. That alone will create great jobs for the people; through building infrastructure, Agriculture research and other investments.

  2. OIL SUBSIDY: Why would they subject Nigerians ceaselessly to painful sufferings by resolving to remove Oil subsidy without concise measures to salvage the nation from exploitation? Oil subsidy no matter how good the intention is untimely in calculation and should be refused by all means. Must we all become totally incapacitated due to economic hardship before we think straight? Must we endure the oncoming pain when the government will divert same into recurrent expenditure which obviously will be squandered?
  3. UNEMPLOYMENT: Why would we have the unlimited wealth in potentials yet we are massively UNEMPLOYED as young people? Measures to salvage this by introducing the YouWIN scheme while admirable is not sufficient enough. The #300billion we will save from overpaid lawmakers should they reduce their fees will help generate employment. The government seems to be guessing without concise plans to solve the unemployment issue. There are lands, multiple and available to state and federal governments. What would it take to resort to massive agriculture to solve our intensely growing unemployment rates?
  4. BLOATED & CORRUPT EXECUTIVE BRANCH WITH OVERHEAD OF 75% OF NATIONAL BUDGET: Corruption thrives everywhere in Nigeria. It is the poster of recognition of the Nigerian government in International circles; it is the symbol of the Nigerian business environment.  Don’t forget our ranking in Transparency International, which ranked us 134 (out of 178 countries) in their Corruption Perception Index 2010. We must re-define our nation by refusing to accept this stupid and reckless dealings at all levels of leadership. You expect policemen to keep you safe; do you know how much they are robbed off of their salaries? Do you know how much they pay a Private everyday to feed his family? #500. Ask and verify
  5. DEPLETED EXCESS CRUDE ACCOUNT & FOREIGN RESERVES: President Jonathan alone has spent $3.5b in the reserve in 2011. What has this resulted in? Who has benefitted? What has changed? These are the questions we must ask.
  6. EPILEPTIC POWER SUPPLY & INADEQUATE INFRASTRUCTURE: This crippling hydra-headed monster has not only rendered businesses hopeless, but has being the main clog hindering bright minds from actualizing a lot of potentials.
  7. DESTRUCTION OF THE JUDICIARY: We all recount the shameful exit of the Chief Justice of Nigeria and the Justice of the Appeal Court. We remember vividly the characteristically high-handedness of the President to subjugate every dissenting voice. If the court is the last hope of the common man, then what hope do we have in Nigeria? Young people must arise. We have had enough.
  8. INSECURITY: We all remember how the government and its cronies resorted to name-calling of Gen. Buhari as regards the post-election violence while the President himself refused to act immediately by condemning the act. We remember how this same President refused to speak until 5 hours had passed after the UN bombing incident. It is this same insecurity scenario that has resulted in foreign bodies strictly warning their citizens from coming here. How can we pay so much for nothing? The intelligence, security budget is the highest in our budget; this was Elrufai’s cry; it was the same reason he was temporarily “seized”. How on earth can we expect investors to come to a country incessantly in bedlam? The President cares less about us, if not, what concise measures has he taken to resolve our security? If relatives or children belonging to our government officials have been shot or killed, would things be the same? We seriously transfer the blames to the police for not protecting us, for collecting bribes on the streets. The Governor of the CBN, Sanusi Lamido Sanusi, said recently on Channels TV that he doesn’t know how the salaries of Private Recruits are handled. Rather than be paid the original #115,000 as provided by the CBN, they are paid #48,000. So where does the money go? We have serious issues! We input so much money into security; yet we have no intelligence gathering units whatsoever, no infiltration techniques. Everybody walks around in daylight hoping if it’s not the last on earth.

Our houses and families are filled with men capable of employment, educated or skilled in one craft or the other, they are unemployed. How many are as against who is employed in your family: 1, 2, everyone? #occupy

If you do not benefit from the government and its institutions at all levels as you are rightfully meant to; then YOU have a genuine reason to #occupy.

If you think Nigeria deserves better than the confused, unstable and slavery methodologies of the government; then YOU must #occupy

It costs us HUGE to keep this CLUELESS MALADROITS in power, get tired. Cost of running this government for non-performance is way too high. #occupy

They run your country like a Totalitarian entity; it’s your nation also. You deserve the land, the opportunities, the benefits, the rights; etc that any Nigerian is entitled to. #occupy

Get tired of a government who professes to handle corruption; only in words. Get tired of a government who celebrates the release of a corrupt ex-convict (Bode George) gallantly and unashamedly.  Get tired. Public looters (leaders) exploit us, are charged to court and subsequently get away with little or nothing to serve as deterrents. This is the reason corruption thrives. Corrupt people are government sponsors and supporters, honest ones are humiliated, disgraced and embarrassed. Get tired. #occupy

If you think we deserve better than we have, and that the status quo of non-performance/under-performance is unacceptable; then YOU have to #occupy.

If you know that looting, stealing, plundering, and expropriating our public resources is unethical, self-centred and destructive towards our national building; then you must #occupy.

If you are tired of these underhand dealings, of these corruptions, of untold human suffering, of cruel hardship imposed through the actions of men of our kind in OUR OWN RIGHTFUL NATION; then you must #occupy.

In 100 days of the new dispensation, your Legislative leaders met just 10 times yet collected outrageous salaries. It’s time to #occupy

Your government spent #50billion alone last year for independence celebrations (celebrating shame, ignominy and under-development).  #occupy

If you know talented/skilled young men and women who could have been better given an ENABLING ENVIRONMENT to work and perform to their maximum capability; then YOU must #occupy.

I know extremely gifted computer programmers who can do more than Mark Zuckerberg did with Facebook (if we had the Light and other resources required to make it work), we need to #occupy.

This is the time, do not wait till our parents suffer before we feed them, and do not wait till we can afford to survive in this country. The oncoming tide of pain that will be inflicted with government actions, most importantly oil subsidy removal must be prevented. Yes #occupy will require your energy, your time, all you have; don’t be deceived it will task us. But this is what we must do; we must SACRIFICE NOW TO GAIN TOMORROW.

This is the time; we must #occupyNigeria.

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