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Nigeria: 2025  July 8, 2015

Posted by seunfakze in CHANGE, POLITICS.
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Year 2025 is ten years away. This is apparently The future of emerging African economies. How prepared are you for the shifting wealth of cities and nations? By 2050, Nigeria will be third most populous nation on earth with about 400million citizens. Incredible opportunity for economic viability. 

Question is: would we have resolved our diversified and confounding challenges by then? Would we be ready and prepared for the incredible opportunities that such pool of growth brings? And would we be prepared to leave for posterity a better society than we currently have?!




1. majorbass - July 9, 2015

Thoughtful and an opportunity to challenge self.


2. Olaleye ayooluwa - October 31, 2016

am olaleye ayooluwa a small scale farmer pls i need your asistance i hav a challenge and i could not be able feed my live stock bcos of no money am totally down the animal are dieying pls save me for this calamity no amount is too small, though i know that is not right to send to you but bcos no one to meet and all hope lost, but i still beleive that God can still his children and my fellow beleiver for me to get me out of this pls help me in the name of God, pls let it pleasess u to help me to stand again thanks God bless you


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