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#BRINGBACKOURGIRLS – Between missing girls and inefficient leadership by @seunfakze May 3, 2014

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Day 19 since over 200+ girls were abducted by insurgents from Chibok

Today is Day 4 of our protest in Abuja. Each day of this gathering brings together new scenes of crying mothers and renewed passion to keep the pressure on till the girls are brought back. Yesterday night, to the chagrin of many Nigerians, Mr President announced, much so after 18 days of deafening silence from the Presidency, the formation of a committee to look into the over 200+ missing girls from Chibok.

Before this new development, We were repeatedly witnessing the unfortunate process that has characterized this presidency. Every day, since the abduction of these girls. Mr President dilly-dallied, danced away, partied, unconcerned about the welfare and security of these young future leaders. An uncaring leadership has unfortunately been the order of the day in Nigeria.

Our protest on Wednesday, with over 600 participants in the rain, brought brilliant results: we met with the Senate President David Mark, his deputy, the House of Representatives Leader Tambuwal and his deputy who pleaded with us and acknowledged their unfortunately lethargic steps in rescuing the girls. He promised swift action in meeting with the President as regards the issue.

While fortunate to hear firsthand the open and accountable efforts of the NSA at close quarters yesterday, I am shocked and scared at how unprepared we are as a nation to salvage the nation from terror groups and insurgents despite the humongous budgetary allocation appropriated for security. Repeatedly, we have budgeted different but huge amounts for security with no commensurate outcomes (N922bn in 2012, N1trillion in 2013, and N845bn in 2014).

Although I eventually got no response asides the blank stares, I asked the NSA repeatedly yesterday, amongst other questions, why there was no transparent accountability on how the budget was being expended and why repeated mentions of the armed forces’ incapacitation and non-preparedness seemed prominent.

Mr President has declared war on the citizenry by his silence, lack of concern at the expense of looking good in front of International circles in the upcoming WEFA conference (World Ecomomic Forum Africa) between 7-9 May, 2014. This i he is insistent on going ahead with despite the fact that daily, our 200+ girls live in unsafe territories amidst unpleasant situations. News of them being married off (http://www.dailymail.co.uk/wires/ap/article-2616778/Abducted-girls-married-Nigerian-rebels.html) were yesterday confirmed at our meeting by Senator Zana representing Borno Central.

Seeing that the National Assembly is uninterested (personal observation) in seeking the rescue of these children much as it is interested in other trivial issues; it behoves on us to remember their inconsistency, lack of concern and apparent disregard for issues that are most pertinent in our minds. It is crucial that we vote out all those who have proven absolutely irresponsible and incapable of representing our collective interests in the forthcoming elections.

The future of our nation lies in the hands of its brilliant young and the remaining bloc of patriotic elders, who are willing to voice out against growing social injustice and the wicked silence of our political elite. Today, as it has been since 2007, we are reaping the consequences of bad succession (from president Obasanjo), bad choice of the electorate and the unfortunate complicity of the electoral commission.

As we resume the protests for our missing girls, this is a reminder to you, my friends, the electorates; why YOUR VOTE IN 2015 in electing a competent, capable and empathetic leader is essential to rebuilding the lost years of our great nation. Nigeria is doomed without competent, effective and caring leadership.


Oluwaseun Fakuade
t: @seunfakze
e: seunfakze@yahoo.com

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