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Posted by seunfakze in CHANGE, MORALITY, POLITICS.
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I have said it before, I will again: Mr President has the best opportunity presented by any circumstance or situation to disarm the most hardened of critics in the history of Nigeria but his actions continuously prove he’s unaware of the true luck he has been presented with. Being an accidental President, he has inherited many crises, which on handling well, could have presented and showed to Nigerians a Strong, decisive and understanding leader. But can you give what you don’t have?

Where do i start from: Mr President’s time has brought to the fore an unprecedented level of corruption in the system (take the Pension scam, and fuel subsidy as instances) and his subtle attempt at sweeping them under the carpet through several tactical provisions is amazing. Removing Oniwon and his team hasn’t solved it too, the fundamental problem still remains intact and the same. Removing the fuel subsidy too at a time and point when Nigerians least expected (regardless of how it proved important to) shows the resolve of a man who may thoroughly be misguided by his advisers.

Look at security, where in two successive years, we have paid the highest for in the loss of lives and properties despite having the highest quota in the budget. What about feeding, where we pay to ensure he grows fresh and fat while increasing millions of Nigerians grow lean and continuously malnourished daily? Look at the increasing spending of government funds? The continued waste of Ministeries and Departments?

What ONE THING has Mr President done right? Why does he pay his advisers to take the most wrong of steps? Or make the most depressing of utterances? Check Mr President’s utterances through our different national crises: fuel subsidy removal outfall, security challenges (Boko haram) many times claiming “it’s a burden we have to bear” “it’s our turn”. Many of our President’s utterances have showed how disconnected he his with our collective feelings and shows he truly does not empathize with us.

The I-Don’t-Give-A-Damn utterance of Mr President smirks of utter disrespect to the collective people of Nigeria, shows gross insensitivity and absolute recklessness of choice of word. President Obama would never dare say such to Americans, unless he has lost his mind! The utterances of Mr President displays his moral Character, we see him stressing how vehemently he challenged Late President Yar’Adua then on disclosing their assets. How on earth can he tell us “I don’t give a damn”? That is extremely daring, too confrontational, and in developed democracies where it’s citizens have not lost its minds, nor its legislators; Mr President would have himself immediately sanctioned/cautioned for his words or massive protests trailing such. But this is Nigeria; anything goes.

Our world-class docility as a people has brought us disengaged leaders whose conscience are seared and who knows they can get away with any word, action or process that satisfies them or gratifies their selfishness. Developed democracies are administered by a balance of citizen engagement and leadership action. We have left ours to leaders, we too simply Don’t Give A Damn!

It doesn’t take a smarty to know our constitution is sick, it’s gazing loopholes and void of decisive measures are represented in the crimes and corruption in the nation. Our moral code are nose-diving, our leaders are sleeping, the policies they sit through at their assemblies are often times hilarious and you would think most of these leaders are comedians when you read of their policies.

While the problematic constitution gives provisions for the exclusion of the President to declare his asset, as opposed to what obtains in nations whose leaders are compelled to be transparent or whose leaders understand the import of coming clean to the public; the position of the President on national Television through those strong “I-Don’t-Give-A-Damn” utterance shows the mind and working of a man who remains enchanted to do no good for a while.

Disclosing one’s asset as a public servant is one of the most convenient ways to earn the absolute trust of the people. Why would an accidental president not be interested in doing this? Does this reflect growing concerns of his insincerity of commitment to transparency and accountability? Does this confirm our observation of his now-expanded empire? Does it affirm our suspicion of his huge financial purse? Does it show an increased financial account which may not represent the earnings of a public servant given the 3 years he has been in national light?

The verdict is out: Mr President Doesn’t Give A Damn what we think!

I am @seunfakze



1. @teni_beauty2 - June 26, 2012

No need to debate it or try to analyze it: Uncle Jona has spoken – he doesn’t give a damn. Both in words and deeds, he has proven to us more times than we need count that ‘he doesn’t care’ what we think, feel or see.
And as Seun rightly puts it, we (Nigerians) also do not give a damn. We honestly do not care – i keep saying it: Until we as a people begin to care, Until we as a people become so concerned, Until we awake from our slumber and make Demands on these jokers… well, we should keep expecting much of the same from GEJ.


2. tmumuni - June 27, 2012

Hmmmm…true words. How long will this lament last?


3. zebbook - June 27, 2012

Reblogged this on zebbook.


4. Azeenarh - June 27, 2012

Seun, we all also forget that the law DEMANDS that every civil, elected, contracted official MUST declare their asset. So when he publicly caims to break the law, I wonder what other citizens should do….


5. Oluwadamilola Oligbinde - June 28, 2012

”is this whole ”Jonathan Bouhaha” new?…someone might say; and as things are going, i’m thinking it already. Whats new in this Nigeria…

But again i wonder, to what end? Seun has given a splendid submition, but i know just as we all do that this grieviance and electronic display might not be enough.

Jan 1st was not just The New Year but it symbolizes a new face and phase for Nigerian Doggedness. Although our people gave up later, they became afraid for their lives that they swallowed their 3 days ”Rebellion”.

I didnt see it as foolery…nah..i saw it as retreating. In my years of political consciousness when i became aware of right and wrong, i can say that Nigerians had not stood their ground this way.

You say Nigerians don’t give a Damn?…well thats debateable…..do you call those husbands, wives,drivers, artisans, poor, average, old, young, rich, elite, celebrity…who came together during the Subsidism Don’t Give a Damners?..i don’t think so.

However, what i think is that we should no longer wait for another ”BombBlast” by our own Jonah before we Arise Oh Compatriot. Groups should be initiated all over Campuses because of the Upcoming Leaders therein. Occupy Nigeria and the likes should not be for Conflict times alone…..

I have been hearing Vision 2015, but i don’t seem to see our Youths working. If indeed we are the People, then let suggestions start rolling as to way forward. I see A Great Nation, A Divided People. What do YOY see?



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