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THE SUN WILL SHINE AGAIN by Dr. Seyi Kayode March 3, 2012

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The last four days, I have had tremendous reasons to be joyous over Nigeria. My main reason is however Musical. For many of my friends on social media, twitter most importantly, I am a social commentator. However for many who grew up with me, I am a Music Director (having directed notable choirs over 11 years), music critique, a professional drummer and a keyboardist (to mention a few).

A few who understand my passion knows they cannot separate between my apparent love for my nation and my music. These are two immaterial passion that takes my attention anyday. As a critique, very few Nigerian songs catch my attention. The reason is simple: I HATE CRAP. By crap, I mean content, lyrical nonsense, artistes without understanding of their art, compelling measure of expression, stage craft and performance, attitude: not to mention technical skills musically.

Moreso, as one very vocal on Nigeria’s disturbing social and national issues, I am quick to ‘pass on’ or be judgmental on music that has no social content (no matter how small) or moral reverence to ease the tension, pass a strong message to the citizenry or help proffer solutions to the ills that plague us. Regardless of the need for artistes to eke a living, i believe there should be a place where artistes inspire patriotic sense or create compelling awareness for the people. Like Fela. Like Eldeethedon. Amongst others.

Music plays a huge role in the lives of people. Much importantly, on the lives of Nigerians. I fell in love with Eldee’s music because of “one day”. It’s the only song I know most of in his compendium of delivery. It is not difficult for me therefore to recognize and understand talent when I see one. Permit me to introduce to you a friend of over 10 years, an elder musical genius, a new art, and one you may simply call DRKAY.

Many who went through the medical school in OAU, or many very conversant with CLF in that school would know him as the “high pitched, sopranoic” male who sang like a typical Stevie Wonder and deemed an African replica of Michael Jackson (download his songs to confirm). His genre of songs are beyond mediocrity, his understanding of music as an important tool to harness and bring about social change in the sphere of the Nigerian state is deep, and he doesn’t joke with artistic delivery. DrKay, as we fondly call him, recently brought my thoughts to the view: that music should be rich in content and delivery, and also offer succor and entertainment to the people.

I grew up loving Fela, he was the voice of the people. One of DrKay’s songs represents this. “Gbare” featuring Cobhams, is Highly eclectic, Afro-fused and house-driven. “Debola” is a loving dedication to his wife so if you’ve got a woman in your life (sister, mother, girlfriend, wife) you will like this. “Carry am” is one you will love as it describes the hands of the law and justice catching up with thieves and looters of the nation; and my favorite “Nigeria” delivers hope, encouragement, and words of caution on the need for unity, and that Nigeria will rise again. Others include “soulful thanks”, “birthday gyration” featuring provabs, “feel alright”, “i’m here with you” featuring ONOS. His album, an 8 track EP was released a week ago. It is a must-have.

In a generous move, three of these songs are available for your listening pleasure right now. I commend you to get them, listen to them and add your comments. One thing, the song “Nigeria” is being conceptualized as a video, he needs you to send him ideas on how to best express the lyrics of the song. Will you? The best of ideas chosen has prizes to win (I’m told)

Click on download now and get the 3 free tracks of the 8 track EP. You don’t want to miss this! Contact him on Facebook, speak with him on twitter, listen to his music.

These are links to the songs, download them, listen to them. Share them, spread them. Show @DrKay01 some love. Let’s go friends.

Nigeria- the Prophecy
“Carry Am”

Remember to follow him on twitter @DrKay01
Like his Fan page on Facebook: DrKay Fan Page


1. Tolu - March 3, 2012

Oluwaseun Fakuade, I see why you do not like mediocrity – you went to Ife and you were part of CLF, a combination that ought to make anyone blaze trails and i am glad that you are trail blazer.

However, your delivery is excellent. It makes me not only want to listen to Dr Kay and follow him on Twitter but desire to support the use of music as a force for social change.

I am hopeful about Nigeria, not because of the present, but because of the promise. You are a promise, Dr Kay is a promise. Many promises are emerging.

Keep up this great work Seun. We will work together, we will see the fruits of our labour, the world will see a new nation emerge!

The stone which the builders have rejected will soon become the cornerstone. This nation they have concluded will never rise, will rise. The Sun will rise again.


2. seyikay - March 5, 2012

Thank you very much. God bless


3. seyikay - March 5, 2012

Reblogged this on DrKay's Blog.


4. Aponmade Kehinde - March 14, 2012

The only way to do the right thing is to understand what is wrong and correct it. Interesting analogy on the comparison between music and or nation no matter how mutualy exclusive they might appear to be; I think if we stand up and stirve not to compromise our ‘art’, the world will sway to the melody from our heart.
Dr Kay, you the bomb.


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