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There is a common trend I have observed amongst us of late: the biased assumptive views we have of one another without fully understanding the underlying intentions of each others actions. It’s INTOLERANCE of views, of ideas, of personalities, of intentions, amongst others. i wonder, are we serious about change and unity at all as a nation when ordinarily we are not patient enough to understand one another? We are afflicted with the virus of intolerance!

This affliction has led to series of carnages in our nation killing scores and hundreds, even thousands of potential role models, future leaders, elder statesmen, and illustrious citizens of the nation. They were POTENTIALS that never be. Our house, the Nigerian state, is divided along ethnicity and religion because we are INTOLERANT of other people’s views. Should we build a great nation, it has to stop. “A house Divided against itself shall not stand”

Only recently on twitter, I see what has been known to be SUBs going on, acrimonious outbursts directed one at the other while trying to express our opinions. Much worse, it’s becoming a disturbing trend how we feel others don’t have opinions, are not as intelligent as we are or are lesser beings because we have more followers than they do! It’s unbelievable the level of childishness I have seen of late on twitter, which i consider to be composed of more intelligent and matured people than Facebook (no pun intended). We will never always see eye to eye, but I hate condescending behaviors, it is totally unnecessary. We are no better than one another! Is this the same generation who wants to salvage Nigeria?

Our intolerance has resulted in many calling for the split of our nation. How can we progress when we are afflicted with the same virus our leaders presently possess? I ask us boldly to form ONE cohesive unit. Will we unite behind our differences? One thing is clear: WE ARE ALL DIFFERENT. Our unity in diversity will work when we come to an UNDERSTANDING that our difference is what should bring the peculiarity of our UNITY. Our culture is rich, let’s unite to bring the peculiarities to FORE. Take it or leave it, Nigeria has many religions, pre-dominantly of Christianity and Islam. Nigeria is also composed of various ethnic groups, noticeably Igbo, Fulani/Hausa and Yoruba amongst others. We must live with it.

WE ARE ONE, and our understanding MUST be based on the fact that, regardless of wherever we come from, or the religious inclinations we may have, we are bound by the bond called NIGERIA, deviations from this is a total distraction. Swallow your ego and pride people, its immature! If we must define those who lead us, it must arise from deep qualities; qualities that are profoundly sound and built on the feelings of the people, and not necessarily ethnicity and religion. When we do, the south can protest on the streets because of the North. When we understand our Unity, the South will fight for the rights of deprived north (and vice versa) because we would understand that an Injustice to one is an Injustice to all.

I resorted to studying the Hausa language recently. How can I understand my Hausa brother without understanding his language, his culture? We cannot continue like this. When we UNITE, then the real influence of Facebook and Twitter will show. The revolutions in recent times have proven it. Without actions, they’ll however still be stories. With INTOLERANCE, our nation will forever be under slavery. We can build a new nation TOGETHER. Should we effect change from the grassroots and build upwards, we must understand one another. We are different people, even identical twins are. How much more us? Different genes, thinking, mental capacity, strengths and weaknesses.

Brothers, Sisters, let us Understand our Differences to Appreciate one another without Bias or Prejudice.

God Bless You, God Bless Nigeria.

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Yesterday would not have been a pleasant night for Oluwatobi as I call him. Friday, 23rd December it was. It was past midnight when he tweeted at me, informing me he was still at the airport for a flight initially scheduled for 11am on Thursday. The next moment, he called informing me they had announced their flight would eventually commence to Lagos. I had wished him the best, hoping my last ordeal with Aerocontractors prompting me to arrive in Lagos by 1:30am, of three delayed experiences,would not be his own story ultimately. I told Tobi to call me once he arrived Lagos, as I was going to keep up to ensure he was safe in Lagos.

Not up to 20 minutes later, he called back. In what seem to be bizarre circumstances; Tobi’s flight had actually become a merged flight with passengers of previous flights all merged into one departing journey to Lagos. He missed this flight! He was told he would not be able to join others going to Lagos for the trip. Ultimately, Tobi, alongside many other passengers, slept in the International Airport in Abuja: hungry, devastated, disturbed, tired, angry and ignored by staff of Air Nigeria with reckless abandon!

He has made his disappointments known via his blog this morning  http://www.oluwatobisoyombo.com but I find it very disturbing the trends Nigerian flights have thus become. Delayed flights, no matter how urgent your meeting or schedule is, now is the order of the day. What if Tobi was scheduled for an important meeting? What if he were to get married? What if he was scheduled for a medical treatment? The total irreverence accorded passengers, despite paying for such services, is becoming an acceptable trend in Nigeria. This is sad. It is the country in which we live in, government insensitive to the needs of the people, and business owners not careful of the relationship they enjoy with their customers.

Find below some of the images he sent, of co-passengers sleeping at the airport as well as staff of Air Nigeria. This trend is unacceptable. I join uncountable Nigerians who has, at one time or the other, passed through this disturbing circumstance in condemning the reckless disregard accorded to individuals. I hope someone sues Air Nigeria or any abusive Airline one day. It is my Hope.

AN ACT OF KINDNESS December 19, 2011

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Hello Friends,

A beautiful day to you.

We want to thank you and appreciate your kind donations so far. Thank you for your contributions to the Almajiri project. We have the names of those who have made continuous donations to the CLOTHE THE ALMAJIRI project, though majority do not want their names listed. We use this opportunity to implore you to spread this message and interact more with friends, families, loved ones on twitter and Facebook and BBM as much as you can.

We appeal to you to use this picture in the link provided as your profile picture on your BBM, facebook and as your avatar on twitter for a few days, say a week as you keep interacting and engaging with people to give their used clothes to the project.Please download the picture from this link PROFILE PICTURE

We have also attached a NEWSLETTER that you may send to friends, families, relatives or even print for submission at organizations, groups, mosques, churches, etc to request for as much as you can. You can get it from this link final almajiri newsletter

You may send broadcast messages copying the link too. Let us explore as many medium as we can to spread the message. Our little acts of kindness are much appreciated. Please let us share the love of the season with less priviledged, our little acts may be their best gifts ever.

We appreciate you.


otherwise you can copy the image beneath

SHALL WE MARCH? December 15, 2011

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One would think the role of the government was increased awareness of the plight of the people, one would assume the welfare of the people was its greatest objective. The diseases plaguing Nigeria as a nation are curable. The afflictions retarding our growth and development are very much remediable. Amongst the diversified obstruction on our way to progress as a nation, the greatest by far is the issue of LEADERSHIP: at all levels of course.

Our greatest problems amount from Corruption and indiscipline. Nigeria, reportedly since 1960, has squandered $360billion to corrupt measures (the Economist) without remarkable difference in the lives of the people. Our leaders, starting from the President to the Councillors, are unaccountable and non-transparent and they expect us to trust their decisions implicitly. Against protesting voices, the President till date has refused to declare his assets.I would expect that of someone who wants to lead by example.

Two days ago, the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Dr. Goodluck Jonathan made the 2012 budget presentation to lawmakers, which was made broadcast to the nation. Therein, the envisaged, divisive and heated issue of the removal of the fuel subsidy was silently omitted. It was not spoken about, but obviously the translation was that it had been removed from the Budget.

Against public opinion, the president went ahead with his declaration and no-going-back stance on removing the fuel subsidy. Without proper dialogue and enlightenment of the citizenry, without adequate provisions for the safety nets in which proceeds of subsidy would go to, without sufficient measures to ensure that the effect of the removal of fuel subsidy affecting the masses of the people; Mr. President removed the subsidy on fuel.

The President has assured all of an NGO called SURE, saddled with the responsibility of ensuring that saving proceeds from the fuel subsidy are well managed to execute infrastructural projects it has planned for 2012 since it claims that “the people has lost confidence in the government”. I am surprised the government which the people has lost confidence in is the same one that formed this NGO!

Against the wishes of the people, the government through its leadership, has confidently removed the subsidy on fuel, and the president reportedly claims he is ready to face the consequences. I find it very insensitive to remove fuel subsidy without safeguarding the pains and sufferings that would be inflicted on the majority of the poor masses. I find it daring that the government of the day cannot fix our refineries so that local production can reach a level before another burden is placed on the people. As it stands, fuel will be sold at #120 from next year!

I find it quite amazing that the president dares the people, a majority of which are young and quite unemployed – 41.6%. There are many issues unaccounted for in the non-transparent leadership we have had in Nigeria in times past. The last we need is an unaccountable President totally insensitive to the sufferings and burdens placed on the majority of the people. Removing fuel subsidy based on the promise of the insufficiency of the government to sustain it alone is unfair; and promising Nigerians infrastructural return is very much Business as usual in Nigeria.

The fuel subsidy is gone, more sufferings will come, 2012 will be a hell of a year for a whole lot of Nigerians, what will we do? The Arab spring reminds us of what needs to be done to remind insensitive leadership of their responsibilities. Will we sit dumb as usual, suffer-and-smile or go out to the streets non-violently in resolute defense of our God-given rights? Will we SACRIFICE now to GAIN tomorrow? Shall We March or Shall We Stare?

The die is cast, The choice is ours. Arise oh Compatriots!

“Leaders love to see some action. What was lacking in our nation was that we never carried our protests to any reasonable conclusion.” -Dele Momodu

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CLOTHE THE ALMAJIRIs: THE 1 MILLION goal December 4, 2011

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Good day to you. How are you? We believe you had the best of week!

We wish to bring to your notice as volunteers for BEACONS NIGERIA. We received numerous emails for volunteering and ideas/suggestions as regards what should be done and where it should be.We expect more from you. We are happy to inform you also that all these suggestions and ideas where fully looked upon and as such are being implemented. As we stated earlier, this is about WHAT WE CAN DO FOR OUR NATION, in our little way; and as such help make a difference in our society. We can effect change in our nation without political posts.

BEACONS is a national organization, without political or religious affiliations. We are only interested in change in our society. As regards the involvement of volunteers to establish BEACONS as clubs in schools, the framework and club curriculum is almost finalized,  and at the moment, we are developing our brands in letterheads and complementary guides that will serve as pre-information materials to all volunteers at prospective schools. This will help in proper and due representation as required at these fronts.

We love to inform you of the first project we are embarking on as a team collectively. It is about the ALMAJIRIS in the north. Who is an ALMAJIRI? An ALMAJIRI is a student devoted to learning under an islamic scholar devoid of the distractions of the outside world. Today, they are mostly known as such beacuse of their huge numbers on the streets, dressed in tattered clothes, unfed, and begging for alms. As at today, these set of young Nigerians are improperly represented and badly misconstrued by the world at large. Asides, they are massively exploited by those who should educate them. Details of our pilot project will be relayed to you very soon. It is a huge project, challenging but inspiring overall.

The core area where you best come in right now is the CLOTHE THE 1 MILLION ALMAJIRIs aspect of this project. It is scheduled to lapse by February 2012 but will unfold in batches. We raise them in batches and distribute them in number of states. The suggestions received thus far helped us with these decision. Upon sharing this idea with two individuals, we received 201 clothe items. A wonderful feat! Can we do this together? Dear volunteers, if we rally together and distribute our shared quota, we can raise enough clothes to cover these exposed young. Just looking at them alone is heart wrenching. While some of us go in to our private abode, millions of these young Nigerians, our future hopes lie on the street, unclothed, exposed to harsh weather conditions and all sorts of abuse. Many times they are left unattended to, hungry, and exhausted from the day’s begging. We can do this. We can raise already used clothing and shoe materials and reach them in batches, starting with the yuletide xmas period and the new year; and ultimately end in February.

We are presently 130, if we raise a thousand clothes a least by December 25, we will achieve much. We can break this down to getting at least 10 used clothes in a day. Please these clothes must still be in use-able/good conditions, else there is no purpose in them being given out. In a week alone, we can raise 500-700 clothing materials individually. We are excited about this, and greatly so! Please seek help from all and sundry, this is a yuletide season, so people are obliged to giving out. We must do this now, the cold weather conditions in these periods in Northern Nigeria are harsh. Invite your friends on twitter and facebook, ask them to join, raise more help, more aid. Lets unite in clothing these young. We can do this.

PLEASE NOTE THAT BEACONS presently shares a policy of not collecting MONEY FROM ANY INDIVIDUAL. This is to keep the integrity of our charitable work and preserve us. Any donor who wishes to support us should provide clothing equivalence of what we need, not in cash, but in the clothing resources. This is a test of our faith and resolve to be different Nigerians. We cannot claim to fight corruption by indulging in it.

One last thing, if we are passionate about change, we will go to lengths to drive them. Invite your friends on twitter and Facebook to be part of BEACONS. Share your plight, share your pain of seeing young ones suffering. Age range of children is between 6 and 14, mostly males. Lets prevent them from exposure to cold and other harsh conditions. We can clothe a Million Almajiris by February 2012. This is the beginning, you are part of History.

Lagos collation handles @fakzee @JibolaAjayi or 12 Church Street, Opebi, Lagos.

Abuja collation handles @musa263 @alisoja @seunfakze

Kano collation centre handles @aisha_ashraff

Enugu collation handle @ObinnaBoss

Ibadan @bimbolanko

UK collation @Godsproperty13




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