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JONA the DONA October 31, 2011

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I knew him as Maradona. He was short, ruddy, but an enigma to his team and assailants. He was dangerous, tricky and wittingly dexterous. Many would never forget the “hand of God” in hurry; or many who suffered under his magical touch on the pitch. His name became a trademark for crafty and deceptive humans in Nigeria as I grew up. Once we had a militarized version of Diego in IBB, now we have a democratized one. He is none other than Jonathan.

His dribbles on the pitch called Nigeria is without comparism. Once he had no boots (shoes), now it’s a war on which to use.  He is master of the cons, dribbler of both the poor and the rich. Rallying behind a fine face, the provisions of providence; and handpick of stomach-driven loyalists; he found his way to the team, quickly broke through the ranks; deftly maneuvered the selection process (zoning) and off to the pitch.  The pitch has its officials (the referees), coaches, team mates, opposing team mates, and audience held spell-bound. Jaws dropped, gaze fixed, immobile goalkeeper, passive onlookers; one trickster against the world; one hypnotizer against over a 100million people and counting: It is none other than the playmaker, the great actor, the show master, the “transformer”, the man with the looting hat; He is JONA the DONA.

Moments after realizing we had lost the match; Nigerians are finally getting to realize they have been deceived. How on earth did we allow the man without shoes score so high on the field of play? Jona didn’t just transmogrify at least not with the “transformation agenda”; he has always been what he is. His maneuvering skills beleaguered so many: his recklessness alone in this new season has depleted the foreign reserve of the Nigerian pitch by $3.5billion.

While you suffer, hunger and thirst; He unwinds well. If the kitchen budget (His kitchen gulps over #1,300,000 daily) remains incredible to you, at least you can see the birthday bash for Patience in faraway Australia. It is alleged he doesn’t joke with his beer; during or after work. His cronies feed off the remnant, the crumbs from his tables feed a lot silenced and sold out. He is so rich, reports has it; he is building a private university in Bayelsa. Many have sold out their conscience to him; Mr Reuben, Mr Wrenoh and others are living proofs! No, don’t RENOunce or refute this, it is no MOCKery at all.

Having led the nation to what is acclaimed “a free and fair victory” in 8 years; one would have thought Jona would ride on the wave of the moment and set his country free from the despicable mockery that assails it. Not so. Well im told “A lizard cannot turn to a crocodile no matter how much you feed it”. JONAh has perfected DONA’s move. He is a master of the craft. He hides under the subterfuge of new schemes, but his methodology are the same….trick them a little, rob them the more. Appease them with 100,000 jobs in 4 years, then YouWIN them. He is “deft, brilliant, and honest” so claimed a few; but not to all. Like his predecessors, he is guilty of most charges, greater of all is ineptitude.

If his intentions are good, then why can’t he declare his property? Why won’t he be transparent? (Of course an undeclared property is an opportunity to add immense wealth using the so-called Oil subsidy removal). Why can’t he prosecute those who exploit the so-called Oil subsidy instead of the untimely removal? Why does he want us to suffer the more? Jona’s motives are not new to me, I was never deceived.

What good thing has he done since he became the Lord of the Pitch some 600 days ago? Good leadership always affirms and re-affirms confidence in the people through actions, speech and conduct; during crises and out of it. First, the celebrated youth-meet, the unaccounted-for Entertainment endowment fund (YouWIN’s twin brother), silence of 5 hours during the bombing attacks and weak comments even after; silence during and after the post-election violence, The Lagos floods? Worse, Term Elongation and now recently Oil Subsidy removal, the 120 (delegates) Australian CHOGM exodus; what about Reno’s recent “northern parasitic” utterances? Only in Nigeria will a government’s spokesperson speak with such disdain, and irritatingly so; and yet be cordoned.

If we would tackle this dribbler and his national team (PDP), it won’t be when we get on the pitch (2015); it must start now, from the books, the tactics to practice; and eventually to physical combat on the field. The issues of corruption is being compounded more by this administration from Oil Subsidy removal, lawmakers’ wages, to unemployment, reckless wasteful spending, bogus corrupt government, depleted excess crude account and foreign reserves; amongst other cancerous and national-depleting measures.

Nigerians, your dribbler stares you in the face; our embarrassing issues rudely shock us more. If your nation will arise, it must get rid of these con artists and build a New Nation. Do not forget Jona is a dribbler, his party is full of many like him; to get rid of them would require all you have.

I anticipate Oil Subsidy removal. I pray it, I fast it, I long for it. Suffering clears the mirage of deception most times,

The tipping point cometh, Jona the Dona will toss the ball in your court. Will you strike when it matters most, or will you remain docile, dumb and mentally enslaved?

Time will tell.

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Nigeria is a great rich country. That is the story my father told me till I was of age, it’s the same I have heard from the few credible role models I have met this year. It is the story most of us know; it is the story in theory. Only in Potentials and Speeches. Nothing else. I was honoured to hear the same from General Buhari last week, that ours is “a country filled with unbelievable potentials, our problem is just that we are indisciplined and corrupt. If I (General Buhari) make it till the next 10 years, I may be senile. It is left to you to save and deliver this nation”. Yes other countries have leap-frogged us because we operate a corrupt, lethargic, clueless and severely weak government. We must save it from the dungeon of inexplicable cataclysm.

Nigeria is a great country. Most of us don’t know it, we have never experienced it. Yes we see the wealth flaunted on our streets, mostly by the looters and some elites; but we are not part of it. Nigeria has 2.5% of the proven reserve of the world oil yet it also has 8.03% of the world poor people. She has been assaulted, looted, gang-raped and continuously been molested by a set of unrepentant soul-less entity. They are called Our Leaders. Most are guilty, trust me almost none are exempt.

Our local government bodies are filled mostly with miscreants who misuse and abuse our public trust. They spend at the behest of their rapacious desire and an insatiable thirst to amass wealth. With at least #100 million earned accruing to the local government coffers a month; there is much that can be done. What has been done?

The State and Federal government with much of the remaining resources do the same. Though the opportunities of Nigeria as a great nation stare us in the face; we have little to show for it. Our government is radically committed to the enrichment of their families and cronies, not the welfare of the people. Their actions justify my claim. While I appreciate our angst consistently on social media; today my clarion call is loud and direct. IT IS TIME TO #OCCUPY.

Today, I present to you certain reasons why your silence is no longer acceptable; and why your non-violent actions will result in the actual transformation of this Nation. We must not fail to deliver our nation from these elements. If we won’t succeed at the polls owing to the obvious manipulation at collation centres; we must on the street; defiant in our protest against these insensitivity.

Nigeria is not safe if left in the hands of these cabals; they are inept, adamantly corrupt, maladroit, and consistently decisive on plundering Nigeria till it finally collapses.

  1. The seat of Looting

    OVERPAID LAWMAKERS: Why would they subscribe to keeping these outrageous fees to themselves in official/legal allocations as well as in multiple logistics operation? The fees ascribed to Members of the House of Reps in Nigeria as well as Senators are slightly less than 1 million a day.  The Senate President is reported to be earning N250 million quarterly or N83.33 million per month, while his deputy earns N50 million per month.  The Senate has allocated N1.02 billion as quarterly allowance to its 10 principal officers, known collectively as Senate leadership.“Each of the other principal officers earns N78 million every three months or N26 million per month.   This tragic state of affairs is clearly unsustainable.   Those engaged in this feeding frenzy are endangering our democracy. It is outrageous,  especially in an economy where the poverty incidence is 76 percent, where 76 out of every 100 people live below N150 per day, there is no justification to what the law makers, political officeholders, governors, council chairmen and councilors are earning. We need a system change.By calculations alone, if we protest and ask them to reduce this by 50%; we will be saving close to #320billion in four years. That alone will create great jobs for the people; through building infrastructure, Agriculture research and other investments.

  2. OIL SUBSIDY: Why would they subject Nigerians ceaselessly to painful sufferings by resolving to remove Oil subsidy without concise measures to salvage the nation from exploitation? Oil subsidy no matter how good the intention is untimely in calculation and should be refused by all means. Must we all become totally incapacitated due to economic hardship before we think straight? Must we endure the oncoming pain when the government will divert same into recurrent expenditure which obviously will be squandered?
  3. UNEMPLOYMENT: Why would we have the unlimited wealth in potentials yet we are massively UNEMPLOYED as young people? Measures to salvage this by introducing the YouWIN scheme while admirable is not sufficient enough. The #300billion we will save from overpaid lawmakers should they reduce their fees will help generate employment. The government seems to be guessing without concise plans to solve the unemployment issue. There are lands, multiple and available to state and federal governments. What would it take to resort to massive agriculture to solve our intensely growing unemployment rates?
  4. BLOATED & CORRUPT EXECUTIVE BRANCH WITH OVERHEAD OF 75% OF NATIONAL BUDGET: Corruption thrives everywhere in Nigeria. It is the poster of recognition of the Nigerian government in International circles; it is the symbol of the Nigerian business environment.  Don’t forget our ranking in Transparency International, which ranked us 134 (out of 178 countries) in their Corruption Perception Index 2010. We must re-define our nation by refusing to accept this stupid and reckless dealings at all levels of leadership. You expect policemen to keep you safe; do you know how much they are robbed off of their salaries? Do you know how much they pay a Private everyday to feed his family? #500. Ask and verify
  5. DEPLETED EXCESS CRUDE ACCOUNT & FOREIGN RESERVES: President Jonathan alone has spent $3.5b in the reserve in 2011. What has this resulted in? Who has benefitted? What has changed? These are the questions we must ask.
  6. EPILEPTIC POWER SUPPLY & INADEQUATE INFRASTRUCTURE: This crippling hydra-headed monster has not only rendered businesses hopeless, but has being the main clog hindering bright minds from actualizing a lot of potentials.
  7. DESTRUCTION OF THE JUDICIARY: We all recount the shameful exit of the Chief Justice of Nigeria and the Justice of the Appeal Court. We remember vividly the characteristically high-handedness of the President to subjugate every dissenting voice. If the court is the last hope of the common man, then what hope do we have in Nigeria? Young people must arise. We have had enough.
  8. INSECURITY: We all remember how the government and its cronies resorted to name-calling of Gen. Buhari as regards the post-election violence while the President himself refused to act immediately by condemning the act. We remember how this same President refused to speak until 5 hours had passed after the UN bombing incident. It is this same insecurity scenario that has resulted in foreign bodies strictly warning their citizens from coming here. How can we pay so much for nothing? The intelligence, security budget is the highest in our budget; this was Elrufai’s cry; it was the same reason he was temporarily “seized”. How on earth can we expect investors to come to a country incessantly in bedlam? The President cares less about us, if not, what concise measures has he taken to resolve our security? If relatives or children belonging to our government officials have been shot or killed, would things be the same? We seriously transfer the blames to the police for not protecting us, for collecting bribes on the streets. The Governor of the CBN, Sanusi Lamido Sanusi, said recently on Channels TV that he doesn’t know how the salaries of Private Recruits are handled. Rather than be paid the original #115,000 as provided by the CBN, they are paid #48,000. So where does the money go? We have serious issues! We input so much money into security; yet we have no intelligence gathering units whatsoever, no infiltration techniques. Everybody walks around in daylight hoping if it’s not the last on earth.

Our houses and families are filled with men capable of employment, educated or skilled in one craft or the other, they are unemployed. How many are as against who is employed in your family: 1, 2, everyone? #occupy

If you do not benefit from the government and its institutions at all levels as you are rightfully meant to; then YOU have a genuine reason to #occupy.

If you think Nigeria deserves better than the confused, unstable and slavery methodologies of the government; then YOU must #occupy

It costs us HUGE to keep this CLUELESS MALADROITS in power, get tired. Cost of running this government for non-performance is way too high. #occupy

They run your country like a Totalitarian entity; it’s your nation also. You deserve the land, the opportunities, the benefits, the rights; etc that any Nigerian is entitled to. #occupy

Get tired of a government who professes to handle corruption; only in words. Get tired of a government who celebrates the release of a corrupt ex-convict (Bode George) gallantly and unashamedly.  Get tired. Public looters (leaders) exploit us, are charged to court and subsequently get away with little or nothing to serve as deterrents. This is the reason corruption thrives. Corrupt people are government sponsors and supporters, honest ones are humiliated, disgraced and embarrassed. Get tired. #occupy

If you think we deserve better than we have, and that the status quo of non-performance/under-performance is unacceptable; then YOU have to #occupy.

If you know that looting, stealing, plundering, and expropriating our public resources is unethical, self-centred and destructive towards our national building; then you must #occupy.

If you are tired of these underhand dealings, of these corruptions, of untold human suffering, of cruel hardship imposed through the actions of men of our kind in OUR OWN RIGHTFUL NATION; then you must #occupy.

In 100 days of the new dispensation, your Legislative leaders met just 10 times yet collected outrageous salaries. It’s time to #occupy

Your government spent #50billion alone last year for independence celebrations (celebrating shame, ignominy and under-development).  #occupy

If you know talented/skilled young men and women who could have been better given an ENABLING ENVIRONMENT to work and perform to their maximum capability; then YOU must #occupy.

I know extremely gifted computer programmers who can do more than Mark Zuckerberg did with Facebook (if we had the Light and other resources required to make it work), we need to #occupy.

This is the time, do not wait till our parents suffer before we feed them, and do not wait till we can afford to survive in this country. The oncoming tide of pain that will be inflicted with government actions, most importantly oil subsidy removal must be prevented. Yes #occupy will require your energy, your time, all you have; don’t be deceived it will task us. But this is what we must do; we must SACRIFICE NOW TO GAIN TOMORROW.

This is the time; we must #occupyNigeria.

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lived the American dream

lived the American dream

The American Dream: American young grow up in a system of Belief; belief in the American dream: that you can become anything regardless of who you are; that you can be successful in spite your background. It was what brought Arnold Schwarzenegger to America, he began humbly from body building, to acting; and eventually the Governor of California. The American dream, it was Steve Jobs’; starting humbly from the garage and building Apple (Pixar and other companies) to World class standards; Barack Obama’s; Bill Gates’, and lots more. The American dream is something tangible any common man living there can see, feel and tap into. What has been wired in this system is an unusual belief that is fused and wired so strong that a young child growing up within it grows up with such undying commitment to excellence, to be successful defying all odds. It is the American Dream! It is the hope that sustains their living through hardship. It is this same hope that is fueling the protests across the nation.

What is the Nigerian Dream? What are we hopeful for? What are we committed to? Why are we still at this level of under-development and under-performance and yet unwilling to actively compel changes to happen? We have leaders driven by a strong desire to plunder the nation dry, bringing it to its roots by all means possible. More sadly, we have been led in the last 4 years by Unwilling leaders, and others led by avaricious greed. It’s not hard to be led by fools/thugs/miscreants in Nigeria, there is no common dream to tap into. Since there is nothing tangible to Hope for, or long for; it becomes easy for any Tom, Dick and Harry to lead us. Since there are no expectations from the unenlightened masses, it becomes easy to lie and deceive them. Nigerian leaders, with little or no exception, act with impiety & expropriate public resources knowing the MASSES will do nothing. They are right, or what have we done? What will we do?

What exactly are we hoping for? I get it when one suffers and smiles, hoping that in the not too distant future, positive change is coming. What I do not understand is to hope and belief in nothing, absolutely nothing. What exactly has our hope brought us? What exactly are we smiling for? Where is that belief in a new Nigeria translating into? I have searched my community, nothing has changed in the last 8 years. Nothing! Search yours, I may be lying. There are no true agitations in this nation, it is a shame. How can we repeatedly accept the status quo? Young people How? I am tired of “God Will do it” mentality that we carry around; sickened about the falsified “hope” we consistently madly stick to; ashamed to find myself among such lackluster and lackadaisical set of Nigerians there is. I would trade a million me to be amongst those young people in the Arabian nations, the US #occupywallstreets protests in honest, patriotic defiant defense of what is rightfully theirs.

What is there to hope for? Is it the replacement set of Vice President Namandi Sambo or Senate President David Mark that will start another set of years of cluelessness come 2015? By the time GEJ finishes his characteristically-clueless governance in 2015, and Namadi takes over to finish in 2023, it will be 12 years added to YOUR age. Nothing may have changed, except for more plundering, looting and inept leadership. By 2023, Nigeria will have sealed and sold itself finally to slavery. God forbid that I will be in this system if that ever happens. If PDP reclaims this presidency in 2015, it will be absolute doom for Nigeria. If you think I am pessimistic, I ask you to refute my prophecy by studying Namadi’s accomplishment as Governor of Kaduna. Then you will understand the danger of having PDP in power. Or is it David Mark: what exactly has he done in your interest? What are the Track records? Where are they? We elect people without brains, and expect miracles! Even God is not a magician; He only “blesses the works of your hands”! We keep hearing “I promise to…..” Are you still campaigning? Stop promising, start doing. Actions not words, not promises! Words are cheap; speak to me with your ACTIONS. With all the Tax-payers money that we pay these people, what exactly has changed?

How many people in your family has benefitted directly or indirectly from the government? Are any of them employed in the last 8 years? Is any benefitting in the society or at Local Government levels? No Local government earns less than #100million a month, how have you benefitted? Is any benefiting from any scheme whatsoever? Is any benefitting from any support of the Small or Medium Enterprise Scheme? Are your water systems functioning? Do we have any visible difference in your locality in the past 8 years? Hasn’t it been the same lies, the same deceit and yet untold looting, suffering-and-smiling? What is your education translating into? So why are we going to school?

“Government loses its claims to legitimacy when it fails to fulfill its obligations”—Martin L Gross. Is this not the true situation of the Nigerian state? Now that the government has failed consistently and legitimately, what have we done? Are we not under slavery? Not able to act? Nigerians, what are you hoping for? What is this democracy about? How on earth did we get to this immobile, inactive and docile point? How sincerely do I hope to raise my children in a system that is forever bound with mediocrity? Have we completely irredeemably lost our sane minds, hoping absolutely in formless unrealistic expectations? Who will save us from this damnation and servitude condemnation come 2015? Is anyone out there credible enough for us to rally behind? Who will re-define our nation? Who will deliver this New Nigeria? We are enslaved by our kind. GOD!

Will someone please educate me on what exactly are we hoping for?


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I have mused repeatedly over this piece, written, adjusted, and eventually contemplated if it as worth the while writing about such a “hotly” debated issue: Moral Value System. Most of my reservations step from the fact most/all of us share the blame in the raid on our societal and cultural values. Silently, we are raising a generation without Conscience: young people without restraints for instant gratification. Are standards falling? Yes. Are morals on the decline? Yes. Are values lopsided? Yes. Are students’ grades dropping daily? Yes. Is corruption on the increase? Yes. Is there a craze to get rich without hard work? Yes. Is there the urge to achieve without diligence? Yes.

These scenes are familiar or are they not: Eight year olds can’t find their socks, and wore the same underwear for consecutive days simply because the housemaid didn’t provide a new one. How about house chores, or littering the whole dining table after each meal, not to talk of leaving dinner plates unwashed! Today, different scenes of “sparing the child, spoiling the child” pervade our daily households. We bribe our young ones with constant exposure to cartoon TV networks, most times never able to balance with interactive and educative ones. The same cable network (DSTV in Nigeria) provides educative platforms like the Discovery Channel, National Geographic Channels, Animal Planet, Zone reality, Learn Channel, etc. At times,we expose/indulge them in several channels with viewing ratings above their age levels!

Yes our children are unreservedly drawn to the likes of Africa Magic (I call this Africa Tragic most times), Trace, E! Channel, MTVBase, Channel ‘O’, Big Brother Africa especially amplified, etc. I watched the last episode of BBA for the first time in my life, and as two hours passed; I wondered “What exactly have I gained from this show?” I have been told of several disturbing “naked” scenes from BBA, no restraints, no inhibition! Then why do we question our children when they go immorally viral? We blame sexual indecency in the young yet we allow them access to media obscenity? Simply put, children do not get empowered anymore through informative enlightening education instead, it’s the destructive entertainment. I am not condemning Entertainment, not at all; but where is the Balance?

Our children grow into teenagers learning and living the lifestyle of western people (which is not a bad thing if the lessons are learnt). Rather than retain and preserve our culture, we have derailed, allowed unethical blends to be inculcated in our system (a result of being ingrained with an imperiled culture). Check your society: young people are increasingly dressing indecently, disrespectful, unorganized, morally inflexible, and more. Today, it’s the norm to “sag” the trousers; while drinking, smoking, a culture of wastage, trendy but indecent clothes, all reflect an increasingly unstable unprincipled society.

Instead of hardwork, diligence, industry, focus, commitment, discipline, we reward a lethargic, spoilt lifestyle coupled with poor academic performance, disrespect for friends and elder ones, gross indiscipline, etc with relocation trips abroad. Call it what you will: indulgence, over-pampering,”butty” upbringing, etc, our resolve and inactions not to be lovingly firm and guiding in the upbringing of the child points to one thing:-We are failing these children and oncoming generation!

As the family derails, so does a Nation. Our nation is rapidly losing her moral fiber; our young generation is caught up, de-sensitized and highly misguided by the pretentious portray of weak & corrupt leadership instead of gallant service; her values raped by the very violent, often times almost-near pornographic and sexual exploitative images in the media. The shallow educative content/quality of the media speaks volumes, the negative images in the television, music, video games and fashion have caused many of our young people to live in an immodest & sexualized society!

For example, look at our music and the values it imparts. It is said today that many a culture is influenced greatly by the music of the society. Check the growing disparity between sensitizing music of the past years and today’s virtually “empty” content and you would not be surprised about the reflection in the society. Any growing teenage boy today with exposure to media may normally assume that the norm is to “sag” the trousers, and have less value or regard for women. Why? This is the exact portrayal in our musical videos (copied from the Western world). What is generally synonymous with success as a musical artiste today is subtly a culture of waste: write a hit song, become a star, shoot musical videos with trousers sagged, champagne, wine and other drinks lavishly wasted in different scenes; and our ladies are portrayed almost naked and “used” in every de-humanized sense. The days of female pride and modesty are beyond us! You see, men are quite visual; so it becomes easy for them to assume a greedy hungry thirst to sleep with women (or rape them) if they are consistently exposed to degrading images of women (sad).

Education without morality breeds men without Conscience. Over the years, incessant abuse and rape of our value system has broken the in-born resolve of so many to stand resolute in defense of values. If nothing is done to review the continued presence of lackluster youths who seemingly will replace most of our leaders, then our chance for future national development, growth and improvement is grossly slim. Young people of today would rather loot the public treasury if opportuned to serve, as those celebrated in today’s Nigeria are those who (have stolen) steal of loot. Moral cancer, crime and violence, a lack of Purpose and Vision, social vices, amongst a host of others, is spreading like a viral invasion: unabated, unrestricted.

A Collective Responsibility

We all share the blame: individuals, parents, teachers, and the government. Parental neglect or over-sight, teacher’s inability to discipline students owing to “school policies” and also ineffective corrective measures where punitive measures do not exist; and the lack of resolve by the government on lifestyle of its people have all contributed in varying degrees to the lifestyle of our young ones. For example, what exactly has the government to say about the moral impacts of BBA? What lessons does it impact on our children? How to dress, speak or what? I get the entertaining aspect but what about morals?

In my opinion, a nation’s conscience is best reflected by its public policy and the proper education of its citizens. As such, contradictory and confusing messages as regards proper moral conduct, moral values, good leadership, etc, must be resolved and strengthened where and when necessary. Our young people are our future, they deserve ALL our attention.

When you do your part, and I do mine, Nigeria will become a better greater nation. Together, we will make a (positive) difference in Nigeria. Remember,as the family dies, so does a nation. Build young people of Character, our family, society and nation demands it.

God bless You; God Bless Nigeria.


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She is my friend of long and short years: long, having known her from afar for 10 years; short, being one of her best buddies of 7 months. She is adorable. She is a Fighter. She is a Leader. She is Hope. She is an Inspiration. She is not an ordinary Nigerian. She is Oluwaseun Adenihun Ayoade Adeoye. My bad, she is Dr. Oluwaseun Adenihun Ayoade Adeoye. Why embarrass my friend on a blog?

Ayoade started her career in Medicine in 2001, precisely the same year in which I was admitted first into great Ife, albeit for an unintended course (Building- I never applied for it, yet was “given”….typical Nigeria education). It is hard to be in part one; put in for those gruesome “White House” courses, run through Amphitheatre, Ajose LT, BOOC, et al and not notice Ayo. Striking, amazing, very friendly, unassuming, very down-to-earth, the list goes. The session went for me quick enough, having sat for JAMB again and passed, but not for Ayoade. As beautiful as she looked, the journey through PART One was going to be a big test of her resolve.

Ayoade repeated Part one THREE times, yes 3; not because she was not brilliant. Not at all. Those three occasions are results of challenges from personal issues to scripts mishandling. Ayoade passed through those trying period, in her lofty ambition to become a classy Medical Doctor of note, with dumb-founding grace. Amidst missing scripts (CHM101) to unwritten exams owing to sickness, Oluwaseun resolved to fight on. She rebuffed countless words of lecturers to “let go, you can never be a Doctor”; like a warrior, she forged ahead. It’s unbelievable to repeat the same class, more importantly Part One in a school like the stressful “Great Ife” and still make it through. She overcame the shame that is typical of failure and class-repetition. She stayed. She fought. She hoped.

She not only became strong through this experience, she became a leader; in different capacities in class and her fellowship. She raised, through her lifestyle, other ambitious and confident young people as proud protégés. I had ‘eyed’ Ayoade from day one, but I didn’t meet her till 3 years after. “Acuity, Daring, courteous, highly ambitious, virtuous, quite real, and a down-to-earth person”; those were words that graced my writing pad after my encounter with her. I seldom use that word “acuity” but few who know Ayo would say the same. Her story, on reflection, shows a daring young woman who; despite the discouragements, believed, and worked to bring her dreams to a reality. She reminds me of Nigeria and of our belief in a New Nation, despite the uncanny ruthless, mindless, and tactless gang-raping and plundering.

Resilience: Though frustrated by circumstances beyond her control, she stayed put and fought. (I hope we will tap into her strength and fight for our New Nigeria).

Endurance: Without regard for self-pity, she strode on. Though frustrating, she endured the same trying periods, over and over. She thought, resolved and acted with just one objective: becoming the Doctor she had always wanted to be.

Belief: though frustrated by the disdainful and ridiculous attempts of lecturers to dissuade her from continuing, she believed and set her minds on that goal, that goal alone. She constantly told me with her characteristic grin how her name will be called “that day, it will be official. I will be Dr. Ayoade Adeoye”.

My friends, on 6th October, 2011; that day Adenihun had dreamt of, toiled for, and told me about came to pass. I travelled to OAU to witness my dear friend take the Hippocratic Oath. Though I missed the ceremony (no thanks to traffic and the Nigerian Police on ‘daylight robbery’ duty); I was on ground to celebrate the newest pediatrician-in-making Nigeria was going to be proud of.

Ayoade’s story teaches me to believe in my dream for myself, for and of a New Nigeria; that “all things are possible” if I back up my words with strategic actions; that I may fail severally, but that I must constantly Believe and move on. Her story inspires me, her story challenges me: There is absolutely nothing we can set our minds to do, so long as we have unwavering belief and action, we won’t fail.

I love YOU Oluwaseun, and I respect you; thank you for being a genuine Inspiration. Your story tells me ‘I can’ and “YES I WILL”. I write this to celebrate you, to remind myself of my role in a New Nigeria, and to encourage others never to GIVE UP, GIVE IN, or BACK DOWN, Ever! In spite of those failures, regardless of the frustrations; whenever you get weary, whenever you get sad, whenever you feel discouraged; remember, Dr. Ayoade did it and so CAN YOU.

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HAVE WE LOST OUR MINDS? October 5, 2011

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The methods used by rulers and tyrants, or the most savage of people in keeping their subjects in eternal servitude are worthy of study. The most appropriate for this discussion actually is by Lynch. What he did was simple. Catch a rebellious tireless nigger. Strip off his clothes in front of his male and female nigger counterparts, Tie each leg to a horse facing an opposite direction, set him on fire and beat those horses until they tear him apart. Bull-whip and beat the remaining (rebellious/observing) niggers within an inch of their lives. He never killed them, but he put the fear of God in them so their minds can remain under lock and key for as long as he wanted; and so they can be useful for future breeding. He was a vicious slave owner in the West Indies. The slave owners in Virginia had actually been having troubles controlling their slaves so they sent for him to teach them his methods. He is Capt. William Lynch (1724-1820). The word “lynching” came from his last name. He had a simple but diabolical method: keep the slave physically strong, but psychologically weaken him; keep the body but take the mind. That, my brothers and sisters, is the sad but true story of the Nigerian people.

SLAVES. Most of us. Better put, you and I. Pastor Tunde Bakare called it “Idiots ruled by fools”. Nigeria has suffered two forms of slavery: Colonial and Post-colonial. The post-colonial, if you like, you may term as the MILITARY/DEMOCRATIC SLAVERY. Some of you, in your very religious minds, may argue with me. Certainly a large percentage of you may use your religious (mostly Christian) mind; rejecting the notion, casting down negative thoughts and all forms of principalities and powers (pele o Pastor!). Nothing will change the fact: we are under BONDAGE, not of spiritual beings, but of our own kind; held in chains and Captive.

The Gallup World Poll of University of Michigan’s World Values Surveys (WVS) 1999 – 2002 puts Nigeria as number 1 in the World’s happiest countries. The Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life’s rank for populated religious countries, ranked Nigeria as no. 6 in both religions (Christianity and Islam), while Transparency International ranked us 134 (out of 178 countries) in their Corruption Perception Index 2010. My headache is: how can a country with the sixth largest population of both Christians and Muslims in the world be ranked 134 of 178 countries in corruption? Aren’t the tenets of both religions based on truth, integrity, honesty, and love for oneself, neighbor and country; amongst other virtues? We are the happiest people in the world. Why? And what’s our premise for the cheerfulness: is it our economic woes or clueless leadership at almost all levels? Why are we referred to as the happiest people on earth, in the midst of untold human suffering? Why are we so complacent amidst never-before-experienced slave methodologies? I guess you do not understand my point still?

In foreign countries, leaders act decisively knowing any act not in the interest of its people will generate untold backlash, not Nigeria. Our leaders act like primitive dictators, most often to the whims and dictates of their cronies and not in the interest of the people. After all, the people will never act; they are happy, forever suffering-and-smiling! Libyans did not fight Qaddafi because they were suffering economically. They just got tired of being Qaddafi’s slave. They had been governed for 42 years and they required change. Libyans lived better lives than we do yet they took to the street because of a tyrant who had been in power longer than most of them had lived. This was the same in relation to Egypt, Tunisia, and Yemen.

Nigeria casts a pitiable look. We have more statistics and facts, astounding ones, explaining the sad levels of living of the average Nigerian, not to talk of the worsening state of condition in the country. We pay our leaders (at all levels) so much money and they deliver little or nothing. Worse, they plunder us dry. This is happening on our very watch. Congrats we have democracy, and yes we cannot ask most of our elected leaders to leave. But can we ask them to do better? The people suffer, there is massive unemployment, we are impoverished, our education is sub-standard; many children now destitute, some of our ladies turned prostitute. Are these reasons to smile?
We celebrated 51st of our Independence recently, but the real question is: Independence from what? From colonial slavery when we are yet enslaved by our own people? Ironic! Ridiculous!

Since we will ask no questions, or better, translate our questions into actions; the wife of the president can hold a conference of “First Ladies” at Obudu using government funds. Or is it her fund? Should I ask what exactly we are paying these senators (109) and lawmakers (360) for? What have they done? What are they doing in our interest (if they hold sessions at all)? Why are we paying these looters so much for doing almost nothing? We are suffering amidst plenty yet we do nothing! Can we act? Will we act? NO. We are enslaved! Our bodies active, our minds LOST! “Make them active physically, but keep their minds in chains”.

We are enslaved, most of us don’t realize yet. How can we allow high cost of running the government everyday when nothing works, how? How long will we allow this servitude? How long will we allow the people to suffer and be impoverished? How long shall we keep smiling and be happy and wait till “e go better”? If the salaries of these lawmakers for the 2015 elections are announced to be 1 million monthly, how many of the present do you think would re-contest? Have you gone around your local government of late? Do you know the revenue entrusted to a Chairman monthly? Do you know how much a councilor earns? I heard the wives of the local government chairmen earn fees? For what? Who elected them? Who elected the “First Lady” of the nation? Why must she spend our resources and squander it on useless schemes? Certainly, the new Nigeria needs a new charter. There is no reason yet to smile. We are paying so much for GOVERNMENT UNDER-PERFROMANCE! Have we truly lost our minds?

We have several offices with duplicate functions, what the hell! We have various unelected offices in the government which are sources of money laundering and untold corruption. Yes, I mean the offices of the first ladies (and their cohorts). If I were a Governor, it is the first I’ll scrap. If my (hopefully not jobless) wife will have any humanitarian platform as the wife of a serving public leader, she had better seek the help of foreign aids or philanthropists who support such cause to finance her activities. It also shows the depth of thought and shallowness in these so-called “first ladies”; the “first lady” of corruption! For crying out loud, if you had something worthwhile before your husband’s public service, then you have an opportunity to use the frontier to advocate such cases, not to extort the people and exploit state resources. Clueless lot!

How would we elect people who have the least idea about governance in the first place? People who had not been successful in their personal/business lives who suddenly want to prove they can be in politics? People who had no business being in government? People who are basically opportunists? And yet we siddon-smile? Slaves!

Like I said, Lynch had a rule “Keep them fit in their body, but incapacitate their mind to act”. Promise them heaven on earth on the platform of “I had no shoes” and keep them inactive for four years. Shioor! How can lawmakers earn $3m a year for nothing? Only In Nigeria! Do you realize that with just one million people: a non-violent movement; we can push reforms at the gate of the national assembly for as long as it takes? Will we rise and act peacefully yet firmly, or like the slaves under Lynch, remain under serfdom?

Have we lost our minds?

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